Monday, July 13, 2009

Bug is 6 months old

Well yesterday our daughter turned 6 months old. I took her into a doctor up here today because of how fussy- screaming fussy she has been. They checked her ears, throat, spot above the thigh- which they said is just a blood vessel not femoral hernia. Couldn't see any teeth ,but they did get to hear how loud of a screamer for no apparent reason she is. The doctor was across the clinic and thought it was because an older kid had received a shot, nope just Chloe because I laid her down on the table. They told me she just has stranger anxiety. I am so relieved she isn't sick, but pray that this is the issue with her. And that it resolves quickly. The nurse said to bring her in everyday if I needed to. you know how relieved I am to have found a caring clinic. Anyway so other than the screaming she is doing great.

  • Still drinking her Pregestimil 7 times a day with simply thick, 7 oz but add simply thick and it makes it a 10 oz bottle

  • sitting up for longer periods of time, longest so far has been about 5 mins.

  • chewing on everything

  • taking 2 or 3 naps a day

  • sleeping pretty much all night, goes down at 9 till 4 or 5, drinks a bottle goes back to sleep till 7:30

  • LOVES baths and the pool

  • chews on anything and everything

  • wearing 18 month clothing

  • wears size 4 diapers


Kristi said...

Glad you found a great clinic, that makes you comfortable. Poor Chloe, is she is having stranger anxiety why has she screamed all weekend when it has been only family? Glad she doesn't have a hernia. She is so cute.