Monday, August 31, 2009

Liam finally did it

Liam finally did #2 in the potty this morning. He has been doing so well with going to the potty except when it came to that. He wouldn't go and when it was bedtime we would put a diaper on him and he would go in his room or closet and go, well this morning he told me he had to go and I would not put a diaper on him. He went in the bathroom by himself and came out telling me he had " surgery" I have no idea why he thought that was surgery but he did. Anyway he started gagging and coughing when he saw it. Hopefully he will continue to go in the potty but I am not sure after that reaction. I am so proud!!! This weekend we went down to Bryant and had fun with all of our families. On Saturday my mom and I went to the Conway Rhea Lana's last day for half price sale, I got Chloe a coat, 9 outfits, 3 footed pj, Christmas dress, Halloween costume, 3 pair of shoes. I got Liam a belt, 3 pairs of shoes, Halloween costume. all for $66. I was so excited!! While we were down my sister-in-law gave me this necklace,Chloe loved it. Thanks Shannon!


Kristi said...

Yeah for Liam. I didn't realize you got all those clothes on the half off sale. The LR Rhea Lana's half off sale was not even worth going! You did great.

The Huffman's said...

Blake had a problem with #2 in the potty also. He did so good with the other, I thought he would NEVER get the hang of it. Good job Liam!!!