Sunday, September 6, 2009

Train Ride

This weekend Joe's brother Steve got married in Bentonville. So since we live in Clinton we decided to go the scenic route to get there. But Joe and I had already planned on the way home to take the kids on a train ride in Eureka Springs. Anyway we took the kids to Shoguns (which isn't like the Little Rock one) and Liam showed off his skills with chopsticks. And Chloe looked at herself in the reflection. He watches Calliou and on one episode his friend ,whom is Chinese, uses chopsticks. We were so impressed. He kept saying "I am Chinese" before and after every bite. I thought he was to stinkin' cute. So after the wedding and reception (which of course I didn't take a single picture) we all went swimming in the indoor pool at our hotel room. Which by the way was Comfort Inn Suites and it was only $50 and wow the hotel was awesome. Then this morning we ate breakfast and swam one more time before we packed up to our next adventure. The train ride was 4 1/2 miles and it took us 30 mins there and 30 mins back. But while we were on they do a little excursion. Anyone who wants to have a coin smashed on the track by a train gets off and adds a little spit to the coin and puts it on the track and the train smashes it. Liam came back with a few pennies smashed. He loved it. Chloe loved the ride and did great. She actually liked the horn and Liam said he didn't. So this was just a fun little side trip we got to do with our little family. Can't wait for some more of those.