Wednesday, September 9, 2009

GI and ER

On Tuesday Chloe had a GI check up so Liam had to go with us. It wasn't to bad. We had to wait a hour and half, but they were well behaved so it didn't matter much. I ask when we could switch her formula to soy and he said lets do some bloodwork. I hate having to put my kids through painful things. I agreed to it because they will check her blood with soy, milk, and wheat to see if she is allergic to any of those. If so we will know what for sure is the cause of her problem. Why this wasn't offered to us 6 months ago I have no clue?! Oh well we find out tomorrow what the results are. At 11:40 last night Liam woke up coughing to the point of throwing up, Joe heard him and I didn't. I felt so guilty not knowing something was going on but it is hard to hear when you are sound asleep and having one of those dreams where you hear stuff but not sure if it is your dream or real. You know what I am talking about, right? Anyway so after Joe tried to calm and clean Liam up we noticed the cough was the dreaded SEAL BARK. CROUP!!! I hate croup. Liam gets it twice a year and only oral steroids help. We have them in the fridge in Bryant which did us no good last night. We tried his inhaler, slowed him down some, standing in front of the freezer, help some. But he was still after 15 mins sucking for air so I threw some clothes on and tried out our ER here in Clinton. It was quite, clean, very efficient. We were in a room being evaluated within 2 mins. He had an updraft , not the albuterol one but some other one. It worked great. We waited they gave him a steroid, he drank it ,and threw it up with the milk that had been in his belly for 4 hours. SICK!! He fell asleep for 20 mins, they checked him again and did one more updraft. We left at 1:30 with an oral steroid for 2 days. He slept with us last night and is sleeping with us again tonight. I took him to the doctor today to see if we could get an updraft machine but the one the ER uses has epinephrine in it, so no we can't do this one at home or in the office just ER. But she did give us more steroids to have on hand and to use Motrin and ice pack on his throat. She is thinking that his reoccurring croup is somewhat related to Chloe's larynogomalacia. Our doctor told us a few things this could be and then I came home and googled reoccurring croup. what I found is that a study was done and children of all ages that have reflux get croup often. He has been spitting up his milk at night for a short while, we have brushed it off as he is just so rowdy and jumping around that it just comes back up but maybe not. Anyway we will see how he does this week and she might be referring us to Chloe's ENT at Childrens for the same scope to be done, but not right now. This isn't related to any of this but I have seen a few people with slings. I didn't know they would hold more than 20 pounds, but a few weeks ago I looked at ebay for slings and found a Hotsling for
.99. Well much to my surprise I won it. This is it. We will see if little miss bug will like it or not. It would help to have my hands free while at all these doctor appointments without wheeling around a double stroller.


Kristi said...

At least you had a good ER visit while you were away from family, help, and by yourself. That is interesting that reflux and croup go hand in hand. I have a hotsling. Did you get the correct measurement for you? I loved mine but we got it to late and so Lexyn was already use to the carrier instead of a sling. I did try it several times and she finally decided she liked it in the hip position but after a month or so she got too strong and started climbing up me to get out of it. I would like to try one of those other kinds that you tie on you in many different positions but just think she is too big and active to care anymore. Hope Chloe likes it, they do help out lots. I wore Lexyn in the carrier all the time, even around the house.