Saturday, September 12, 2009

Great News

Chloe got some wonderful news yesterday......She can drink soy now!!! We had a RAST test done while we were at the GI clinic on Tuesday and they tested her blood against soy, milk, egg whites, and wheat. All of them came back negative!!! So he said to try her on soy first and for a while. I immediately went out to walmart and bought a can because she only had one more can of Pregestimil and we can't get it up here unless we order it. Kroger is the only place we have found that carries it. So she has done great on it so far and I was really afraid that she wouldn't drink it because of how different it taste but she drank it faster than her other formula. And we also put Liam on soy earlier this week to see if this would help him out some, spitting up . So far so good and we mix his milk with strawberry quick so I guess that is why he didn't mind the switch. He is doing better also. Just is coughing and has a runny nose. The steroids we give him make him so hyper and hungry. He will jump around for hours after we give it to him and then tell us he needs more supper. Last night I heard him in the fridge while I was taking a bath and he came out with a cold piece of beef round eye steak(it was cooked). So it looks like we are on the mend here. So thank you all very much for the prayers for Chloe's stomach and for Liam to get to feeling better.