Monday, September 14, 2009

8 months already!!

I can't believe this weekend Chloe turned 8 months old.
She started out a couple of weeks ago pulling up to get on her knees ,
well a few days ago she started pulling all the way up.
I can't believe it, soon she will be cruising on all the furniture. She also is actually crawling on all fours. She is really slow but it didn't take Liam long after he figured out how to move his arms and legs and get some where fast. We got the sling last night and I tried it out with her for a couple of mins. She LOVED it. Since her formula change on Friday she has done great. Now we are battling her having diarrhea. Not sure if it is related to the formula change or if she has a stomach bug of some sort, no fever, no fussiness(well she is fussy a lot but that is attitude). Liam is going to the doctor in the morning to be checked out again. I don't want this to be flu, but it could be or it could be a sinus infection now. Either way I am not waiting any longer. So she maybe getting checked out as well. Oh and Joe is coughing like crazy. UGH!!


Kristi said...

8 months doesn't seem right. Glad she loved the sling, did you like it? I hate every one is sick. Your mom said Liam was running fever and you were gonna take him to the ER on Sunday. When everyone gets well, we want to come see you.