Sunday, November 22, 2009

Putting up the Hudson Christmas Tree

Well at first it was going great Joe fluffed the tree.

Then it was time to put the lights on. When you have a little helper (Chloe) that keeps inspecting the lights it really had to be a one person job to put the lights on and the other person hold her. So Joe was doing great until her got to the end and realized it wasn't the prong side. UGH!!! So I told him just to take the kids in another room so I could figure out where he went wrong. Well that was the funny part, it was the second strand of lights, but I did it and we decided next year he will put the tree up and be the "fluffer" and I will be the "lighter" and the kids can decorate. Liam did a section of the tree and surprisingly Chloe didn't go after it like we thought she would.