Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Last week we went down to Benton to enjoy Thanksgiving with our families. First was Joe's side and I forgot to take any pictures...I guess I was just wanting food rather than worrying with the camera. Hopefully I will get some a Christmas of them. The food was delicious as usual and the kids ate pretty well. Liam loves broccoli and cheese and ham or turkey. Chloe had some turkey, roll, and sweet potatoes. Then we headed to my Grandparents house where the party had already began. I enjoyed some food over there as well. We played a few games and then it was time to go home. Chloe didn't sleep well the night before because she was in the pack and play so the next night we tried a pillow in there with her and she would have slept through the night but she had a few tummy issues from something I had given her.

But now she sleeps with a pillow in her crib and loves it. Sleeping through the night most nights now. This is how her hair looked after sleeping on her pillow. Liam had been sleeping with Joe and I for a while because of the asthma attacks, but now is back in his bed we just have his monitor on pretty loud so we can here him if he starts having one. Thankfully he has only had one lately and was fine after his two inhalers. Chloe got  another tooth yesterday so that makes 5. And Liam has been wanting to chew gum a lot and I noticed his cut some of his 2 year molars. That is pretty much all that has been going on lately. One of my best friends Stephanie is getting married this weekend so we will hopefully have some Christmas card pictures taken while we are all dressed up.