Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Where to begin....

It has been almost a month since I posted last...sorry. Our Christmas was wonderful. We went to Benton for close to a week so we had plenty of time to see all of the families multiple times. First we stayed with Joe's parents. So we all opened presents a few days before Christmas. They each got so many presents from everyone that I seriously can't name them all. We had to take 2 cars down and guess what? We filled them up!!!

The next day we went shopping and to eat with Joe's parents for Joe's birthday. Then we came back to their house and Liam helped K-K make cookies..they were yummy!!!

Then we went to spend the night with my parents. Liam and MeMe made red velvet cake.

Santa brought Liam and Chloe a kitchen!!!

The day after Christmas is Joe's Birthday so my parents watched the kids while Joe and I had a date.
We went to lunch at Copelands, which was delicious. Then we went shopping for the kids of course. Like they needed more things. Actually Chloe needed some shoes and tights to go with her birthday dress that
 K-K bought her. We then went to see Blindside but there weren't any seats by the time we got into the movie, so we ask if we could switch for another movie, Sherlock Holmes. Joe and I both really enjoyed it. Some of it was a little drawn out but majority of the movie was good and comical. Went shopping some more and then went to Outback because I had received a couple of giftcards to there. So for 4 adults all we had to pay was $10 which was wonderful. So we brought that back to my parents as a thank you for watching our kiddos. While we were gone Chloe took THREE steps. She had only taken one step every now and then. She also had added a few vocabulary words...Tucker-which is my parents dog , and Hat. Today she is saying "why" oh brother, I thought that was a three years olds questions to ask. She is definantly our crazy child. Don't get me wrong, Liam has his moments , hers are just one right after another and she will let you know when she isn't happy. Ha!!! Anyway I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your families. Chloe's 1st Birthday is coming up fast so I am getting ready for all of that. I can't believe she is almost one. It is crazy!!!