Monday, January 18, 2010

Chloe's 1st Birthday Party

This past weekend we drove down to Bryant to have Chloe's first birthday party. We had it at Larry's Pizza in Bryant and it was a great set up. She had around 60 people show up and I think everyone had a great time and a full tummy!!

This was her invitation

Her HUGE cake!

Smash cake

Enjoying her pizza

GG and Aunt Sherry

Aunt Vittoria, Beckett, Aunt Terri

Claire, Liam, PawPaw Tim, Emily, MeMe

Shannon and Aunt Cathy

One of the 6 tables

Emily and Katy

Another Table Full
Niki, Chris,Kate, Haley,Reese,Blake,Ashley,Uncle Don, Aunt Renita, Kristi, Ben ,Brittyn, and Lexyn

Cousin Kate who is one month younger

Vittoria and Beckett

Ben, Kristi,Lexyn , and Brittyn


Richard and Stephanie the newlyweds!


Claire and Chloe

Her stroller for her babydolls

Cake time

She was pooped!!!
I guess I forgot to get a picture of the other tables but of course her MawMaw, PawPaw James, BeBe, Auntie Shan , Uncle Matt, Julian, Aunt Britney, Bo , Preston, Landen were there. Sorry guys I really thought I had some pictures of you guys too! Auntie Shan is the one who brought her birthday hat. I really didn't think Chloe would keep one on so I didn't buy her one but she kept that one on. Thanks Shannon. And Thanks to everyone who made her birthday so special!!!


Cori Lynn said...

I hope Chloe had a great birthday! She is so cute.

I left you an award on my blog :)