Thursday, February 4, 2010

What we have been up to

Last week it started snowing and after 6 or more inches we stayed home, Joe included, and we played, built a snowman, an igloo, and went sledding. One day we played outside for 3 hours straight because it wasn't cold but the snow was perfect for making things.

Also I have been busy with my school work. I am taking a couple of online classes to finish up with my associates degree in science. Maybe one day I will actually figure out what I want to be when I grow up. ha!
And we have been getting everything squared away with all the paperwork and everything that goes with buying a second house. We found one in Clinton that we both loved so we made an offer and we got it. We are suppose to have closed on the 26th of this month . I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I made my drapes yesterday. Here is the fabric, I didn't sew a stitch in them and they look very nice.

Now onto the kiddos. Liam is a crazy 2 going on 5 year old. He is a puzzle master. One day I think he did 12 ( 24 piece) puzzles and said he was bored so he wanted to do one that had more. We had a 100 piece and it took him about 20 mins to do it and I only had to help him with about 25 pieces because they were all the same color of water. I was so impressed now we are still working on shapes but he has most of them down for some reason he can't seem to remember retangle. Oh well. And colors are a different story. He can match each color to something in the house but will not tell you the name of the color. He says "like the sky" for blue , "fire" for red, "Emily's favorite color" for purple and so on. Numbers are no problem for him he can count to 20 and recognizes some of them. He recently had his haircut by Joe, it was an impulse haircut. The lady I use couldn't get him in and his hair was getting in his eyes so I had Joe buzz it. I cried and laughed at the same time. Silly I know but it was crazy how short it was and how much older he looked.
He loves it and it is very easy to wash now!!!

Chloe is a mess!! I think she will always be this way. Her attitude is like a 13 year olds. I told Joe last night I think I need to reread "Sheperding a Child's Heart" she is our strong willed child without a doubt. She is getting her molars and she had shots and had a little reaction to them this past week. It looked a little like chicken pox which is one of the ones she got. No rash anymore though. Also she is off the bottle, well as of yesterday. I have been slowly weaning her from Pregestimil to milk one cup at a time, she loves milk with strawberry or chocolate but really really loves chocolate just like her MeMe. When Joe gave it to her the other night she didn't take a breath she just kept gulping and gulping. It was hilarious. Chloe would always go to sleep with us feeding her a bottle so this is probably the hardest transition. So far she will just let us bounce her for a few mins and go right to sleep. Sleep for her has been great. She still wakes up after 1 hour exactly but Joe can bounce her and she will go back to sleep till 7 or 8 . The week after her shots she started sleeping till 9. I was worried the first few days but soon decided she was just going to sleep late from now on, well no that wasn't true but she is sleeping through the night and I feel refreshed after 12 months of not getting a whole nights sleep. Some things she is doing and saying:
  • barks like a dog- when she sees one
  • says "eow" for cats
  • growls for bears, lions,tigers
  • "thank thank" for thank you
  • No
  • "duh" for yes
  • "dink" for drink
  • "nanna" for banana, but we have stopped giving those to her because of how she was reacting to them
  • bubba
  • momma, dadda,bye bye, bye da,
  • tries so hard to sing abc's it goes like this "d,d,d ,d" it is really cute
  • tries to count the same way
  • is climbing on everything
  • will NOT walk for us
  • loves all of her babies and animals and will just squeeze and hug them
  • stills loves her bathtime and to be outside
  • favorite snacks are popcorn, grapes,oatmeal cream pies, suckers
  • pretends to talk on the phone and screams like a mad woman when you take it from her

I can't think of anything else at the moment but I am sure I am forgetting something. Liam is so excited about moving into the house because it has a fireplace and he is getting a swingset. He already has been thanking us for the swingset and we haven't even bought it yet. Ha ha, Joe is excited about the house because it has a garage and he is getting a grill that he found for cheap on craigslist. I will post pictures of the house once we move in.