Friday, February 19, 2010

Surprise Party, Chloe's follow up swallow study

Preston's Surprise Party was the past Sunday. His birthday was in January but everyone was so busy that we all couldn't find a day to have just him a party so mom had a brillant idea to do it a little later and surprise him. Well it was so funny when we all got together to "eat" . Mom brought out the cake, which was a ding dong cake, and we started singing Happy Birthday and he was singing too...he didn't know to who but he was still singing...finally he got the clue when mom brought the cake over for him to blow out. It was so cute. He is one of the funniest , wittest 8 year old that I know. He can make me laugh all day long. Here are a few pictures of his party. Happy Birthday Preston we love you!

Now on to Chloe's follow up swallow study. I really had my hopes up that she would have outgrown the aspirating, but she hasn't . They asked which flavor I thought she would want to drink. Flavor of Barium? I told them either one, chocolate or fruit punch was fine but to try fruit punch first. She threw a huge fit, which isn't out of the ordinary, but they pulled out some bubbles and this calmed her right down. But then you have to try a different consistency so then she would get mad b/c they took her drink. It was a neverending cycle for a few mins. I was a nervous wreck because I am use to her drama queen self but some people aren't. Well the techs and doctors were fine with her doing this, I guess they are use to it .  During the first few sips she didn't and I was so excited but then they went to nectar and she did a big aspiration...they said it was a delayed cough also. So I got to watch it again outside the room and sure enough it went right into her airway . I know how lucky we are they we caught this as early as we did and that she hasn't had any respiratory issues, but I really had different expectations of this visit. Now we are going to have to repeat this cycle in 6-8 months to see if we can get her down to at least nectar consistency. Her ENT doctor mentioned that this could go until she is 2 or 3 so not to be disappointed if that happens. I am just very glad that she is able to have milk instead of having anymore GI problems so one down one to go. They did mention that she does sound a lot better, not as noisy of a stridor. The only time I really notice her stridor is when she is really concentrating on something or sleeping. Anyway she has made big strides since her first few months of life and I am thrilled at how much she is doing and learning. Just yesterday she started saying "cookie" as plain as can be. "Thank You" "Uh Oh" "Bubba" "Hi there, Hidey, Hello" are what she will say to anyone who is walking in the room. It is so funny"."Kitty Kitty" "dog" "ahhh"-when I brush her teeth. "on" , "no no no" while pointing her finger. Still taking steps but not really what I call walking. she will not walk to Joe or I only her bubba or toys or strangers like she was at children's today. Oh and will climb on anything and everything. Her babydoll stroller that she got for her birthday is her favorite toy to climb on. I think she thinks she can fit in it. haha yeah right. Her weight today was 26 pounds 3 oz. and she was 30 1/2 inches so she is getting taller and staying about the same with her weight. If anyone knows someone whose child is on Pregestimil we have 4 cans I would like to give to someone. We just don't know anyone on it. Let me know if you do or we will donate it to our doctors office.