Thursday, February 25, 2010


I hated to hear that word today when I took Chloe in for a sick child appointment. It really happened over night it seemed. Remember last week we went to Children's, well I guess that is where we picked it up at and her body has been invaded. On Sunday she had a slight runny nose, I thought"hmmm ...could be that all her molars are trying to come in?" , Monday Joe was out of town in Virgina for his Uncle Jerry's funeral- I wish I could have gone with the kids but now I see why that would have been a bad idea- there was 21 grandkids there so we could have infected all of them and I didn't want to do that . We will miss him so much, but know he is happy in heaven!!!! Anyway so Tuesday she was cranky and snotty. Wednesday Joe came home , we had to sign the paperwork for our 2nd house!!! And she started coughing, coughing hard and throwing up. So Wednesday night she got her first fever : (    ( I think this is her first maybe not) it was only 100 but it is still a fever....she didn't sleep from 11pm till 7 this morning. Joe and I took turns sleeping for a couple of hours and when we weren't sleeping we were holding her. She had rubbed her face raw!! It looks like she had been skiing for I took her in at 8 this morning and they checked her pulse-ox which was 97 so that relieved me a little but then after hearing her cough they wanted to do a swab for RSV and x-rays for pnemounia. She screamed the entire time!!! Anyway so now she is on an inhaler and she is to use her steroid cream for her face so she doesn't get a staph infection. Please pray that she feels better fast. I hate that I can literally do nothing to console her. Worst feeling as a mom (yet). Liam has been a trooper the entire day. I gave him instructions as to when the movie went off that he needed to shut the computer and lay down on my bed and rest...he did exactly that. I am very thankful for such a helpful 2 year old. He is so worried about Chloe it is heartbreaking! Please pray for her if you will. I know a lot of people are but I am trying to not worry but it isn't working. We are moving on Saturday with the help of some of Joe's football players so mom has offered to watch Chloe for me . Then maybe she will be rested up to enjoy her new house.


Cori Lynn said...

Praying Linsey!!!