Friday, March 5, 2010

Long week

Last week and this week have been long weeks in this house. Chloe is doing great now, but Liam got it as of coughing and gagging has been going on here. Lots of inhaler treatments, ibprofen, tylenol, juice....not a whole lot of eating on their part, but I am sure they will eat us out of the house before to long. Matter of fact Chloe's appetite is back and she is eating anything and everything. We moved into our house and everything is going great. I have the house in order and when I am ready to take pictures then there are toys or dirty clothes in the picture. It is suppose to be nice this weekend so while the kids and Joe play outside I will get pictures of it for the blog. I have to say how much I love the sandbox...yesterday we went and picked up a couple of bags for it. I have it on our back deck so I can somewhat contain the kids and if it is wet out then they can still play in it without getting to muddy. And I order a small swingset from walmart that we will get in the next week or so , I think this will help with all the cabin fever we have had from the winter and sickness. Also we got CABLE for the first time in almost 3 years. I am loving the food network but hate it b/c it just makes me hungry!!!! Ha ha. Joe is officially a school bus driver and the girls played their first few softball games. They won 3 out of 4 so far so hopefully I will update on more wins than losses.  So hopefully I will update with pictures in the next few days so you can see our house. Enjoy the weather!!!!!!!