Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Break

Last week was Joe's spring break, well for 3 days since they were making up 2 snow days. Anyway on Tuesday after he got off work my parents and nephews came up to go to Branson. We were treated to a night at Grand Country Inn and the water park. Well my nephews loved it ,but it took Liam about an hour or so to warm up to the kiddie side. Chloe was just acting strange I think she was overwhelmed with all the people and noise. So around 9:30p.m we decided since none of us had dinner that we better go eat somewhere. First of all none of us realized how late it really was but when you are on vacation it really doesn't matter does it. My kids go with the flow most of the time. So we found some diner to eat at and then went to bed. Except Chloe didn't want Joe to hold her and would scream if he tried or if I laid her down. I had to hold her a specific way...arms stretched out all the way infront of me and her laying on her back. I think I am pretty strong most of the time but holding a 27 pounder like that didn't last long and then finally she just let me lay down with her and my arms were underneath her belly. CRAZY!! They all slept till 8 or so which was great. We ate donuts and then split up for a few hours. Joe, my dad, Preston, Liam, and Landen all went to the dinosaur musem. Here are the pictures from that.

Mom, Bo, Chloe , and I went shopping at Carter's and Croc's. I got Chloe 12 outfits/dresses , Liam 4 shirts and a huge dinosaur floor puzzle for 140, I added up what I would have spent at a local store that carried carters and it would have been 255 so I did really well. That is what I tell myself at least. ha ha. We all met up at the other mall and did a little more shopping. Disney store, Fossil, and Stride Rite. I got the kids 2 pair of shoes a piece b/c they were having a buy one get one 50% off. They carry wides for my childrens feet. Chloe loved wearing wider shoes and is now walking more than crawling...not sure if it was the shoes or just the practice. Then it was lunch at Shorty Smalls and driving back to our house. We stopped at Coursey's to get some wonderful smoked ham, turkey , beef jerkey, they were out of the smoked cheddar. I was really sad. And we had a good time playing outside and eating our sandwhiches before they had to go back home.
Then Friday Liam and I went down to Bryant so I could attend a Girls Night Out party that my friend Cindy was throwing. She had a rep from "Thirty-one" and "Premier Jewlery" come out. It was a fun time and so nice to chat with some women I didn't know or haven't seen in a long time. While I was there Liam and his MeMe went to see "How to Train a Dragon" I can't tell you how many times he ask to go see it before it was even at the theater. He loved it!!! He told my mom after the movie was over "that was a fine, fine show" ha ha ha!!! that kid cracks us up. She also got a real live bunny after they got home from Branson so Liam was playing with her. "Easter FuFu " is her name and she is so cute. Chloe and Joe had some bonding time and of course she was fantastic for him but as soon as she saw her momma and bubba she went nuts on us and had many many fits. Oh well at least she was an only child for a little while.


Kristi said...

Sounds like some fun family time. That is funny about Chloe and Joe and then starting to be herself when you got home. My Lexyn does the same thing. She should have been an only child! Although she LOVES her "sissy."