Monday, March 22, 2010


This swimsuit is a very small 2T with a razorback on it, just a little snug for this Chloe bug!!!
I just thought we were over all the sickness. I was WRONG!!! I suppose with Joe being a school teacher and the crazy weather we have had this just make sense for us to get sick again. I think mine is allergies because I haven't had any fever, but Joe has had a low grade for a few days and then this annoying cough. Liam told us yesterday a few times he didn't feel so good, but continued to play and had no fever. Well at 2am he woke up crying and coughing. Thank goodness we are on the daily inhaler because I KNOW we would have been in the ER just like every other year when the weather changes. So I took his temp and it was 102 and he was coughing. So I gave him his inhaler again and some Ibprofen and within seconds he threw up mucus!!! Exactly what we go through twice a year. His fever was instantly gone, so I have no idea how in the world that happened but the medicine didn't even get in his system. He wanted Dr. Pepper since he couldn't have milk, he drank some and then watched some tv with me and was fine and snoozing by 3am. I on the other hand couldn't go back to sleep because of the show that I was watching, River Monsters, wow I am never going swimming anywhere again. The fish that are in these rivers are gross, huge, and maneaters. Ahhhh....anyway Chloe just has a runny nose,but last Thursday we had to visit the doctors office because she decided to get in our recycle bag and put her fingers in a olive can...I saw it happen and yelled at her to not do it, but of course she pulls her fingers out and slices two of them. I immediately get queasy and get in mommy mode and take care of them, but after 5 mins of cool water and pressure they wouldn't stop. So I call the doctors office and ask if I should bring her there or ER and they weren't busy so we went there. She kept squeezing her fingers just to see the blood, I think, anyway after we took those bandaids off and washed her hands better it was clear that the blood was stopped and already sealing up . So the cuts weren't as deep as I thought,but we did get a prescription for bactraban? and some new bandaids. Also Chloe is walking 50% of the time now which is a huge improvement for her. I made sure Joe and I quit holding her when just walking around and made her hold one finger to build her confidence after a friend told me that is what her girls did. She wouldn't walk on the hardwoods but today started so I think it is safe to say her pigeon toes won't hinder her walking anymore. She walks with one arm up and one half way. I am trying to go through our pictures to put some up because it is just to funny but I can't seem to find one that captures it, I will have to do it after she wakes up from her nap. Anyway Joe's school is on Spring Break Wednesday- Friday since they are making up a couple of days from all the snow days, so if everyone is feeling well we are going for the day to Branson with my parents and my nephews. Lots of shopping for Chloe some clothes and Liam shoes. Then to a little amusement park for some fun. Hopefully we will get to go and I will have lots of pictures to show you guys.
She was laying down like she was sunbathing but as soon as I took the picture she sat up.


Kristi said...

YAY Chloe! We have a walker! Hate everyone is sick. We are here too, and in fact actually just brought home half of the pharmacy today. Hope everyone gets feeling better quickly and you can enjoy a day in Branson. Miss yal.