Monday, March 15, 2010


I had ordered a small swingset for the kiddos and on Thursday in came in to walmart. So I loaded up the kids ,went in , got the guys to put it in the car, went home unloaded it, and put it together by myself!!! It only took 2 hours and was so worth me putting it together without help. Joe and I don't always get along really well while putting things together so much less of a headache. Chloe helped for an hour and then it was just me and Liam because she had to take her nap, but when she got up she was loving it. We got her a pink swing and guess who is loving it more than her? Yep Liam!! He is so silly. I don't think I say this enough but I really do have the best 2 year old ever. He is always helpful and very seldom is he mean to his sister. Now Chloe as a 2 year old who knows what that will look like!!! She is a crazy one year old,but can be sweet if she really wants to. I just realized as I was putting up these pictures that Liam isn't in any of them, that was because he decided to go watch a show- which means take a short nap, but he doesn't want to admit he is tired.

And then some of Chloe and two new outfits for this summer. They are so cute. One is from Smith Caldwell in Benton that Auntie Shan got her and the pink one I bought at TJ Maxx that looked almost identical to one I saw in Chasing Fireflys magazine, but was like only $12 instead of $80. I love a bargin especially a really cute one.

 In this picture she is doing the Little Einsteins thing, where they pat, clap, raise their arms as high as they can...she loves that show and we didn't know she could do this until she just started doing it the other day. I was amazed that she did it all in order like she had been rehearsing it.