Friday, April 23, 2010

Pretty much the whole month of April

Where to start? Um Easter I guess. We went down to Bryant for Easter and the kids had a blast going to church and seeing all our family and friends.

Okay so I have a funny story. Well funny to me anyway...all the nephews were at church on Sunday and it was a little crazy with 7cousins all sitting together. Well Julian(My brothers 3 year old) wanted to sit a row up from us so the Landen (My sisters 3 year old) and Liam sat with him...during the prayer I hear Julian saying "dog poop, dog poop, poop , poop, poop" I look up to tell him to shh and try not to laugh and see Liam praying- which melted my heart . Then we go home and Joe goes to the playroom and listens to what the boys are saying. Julian and Landen are saying "Peepee, poopoo" over and over again and Liam is just laughing I guess the boys were saying toddler curse words, but they were entertaining themselves so no harm done. 

Chuck E. Cheese's was the day before Easter. Liam had been begging to go and have his birthday there but the kids had never been so when friends of ours had their twins birthday there is what the perfect time to see if I could really handle having his birthday there. Keegan and Dane turned 5 which is probably the perfect age for a party there so they can run around a little less guarded ,but we stayed right with our two. They both LOVED it. Neither one was scared of the characters in fact miss Chloe danced...she was the only one! So we will go but just not have a party there anytime soon.  

Next was Liams check up for WIC. Yes we do WIC please no judgement on this. With Joe the only one working we have to have some help with our groceries. It was first b/c of Chloe's formula but after she was off of it we still qualified and I can't say anything bad about having the help. At first I was so embarrassed to be getting any kind of help from the government ,but soon I quit being so uptight about it and relaxed and accepted that we needed this. Our kids needed this or I was going to have to get a job somewhere which meant putting the kids in daycare. I am not against daycares by any means but I WANT to stay home with my children for these few years that I am able to. Okay back to where I was going with this was he had his weight and height measured.
39" and 35pounds
he is almost 3 so she showed me the growth chart and he is finally coming down out of the 90% and into 70ish. They didn't have to test his blood but he was prepared just incase they were going to.

Then on Saturday we went to Emily's 4th Birthday party in Little Rock. She is the little girl I use to babysit. I miss her so much I can hardly stand it. She was beautiful and growing up so fast. Liam loved seeing her and Katy(Emily's almost 1 year old sister) and Chloe was glad to be there to eat , eat , and play. My daughter can put away some food when she wants to sit still long enough. Emily had a princess party so we got her some princess puzzles and swimming goggles. We hope to see them some more this year b/c one time isn't enough for us.                                                           

Then it was just to pretty to sit in a car and drive back to Clinton so we drove to Joe's parents house. Actually to the lake at their house so we could go fishing. We dropped Chloe off with my parents and picked up my nephew Preston. PawPaw James catches hundreds of fish when he goes so we just knew we would be having fish for dinner....nope. Liam is the only one who caught one. It was just the wrong time of day. Oh well Liam got to get out on the water in the boat so he was happy.

and yes he is wearing a pink barbie lifejacket but it doesn't matter does it? We are just glad he had it for safety reasons. Don't make fun of him!! ha ha

Lets see we always go to softball games during the week...they are not winning them but improving some and the attitudes of the girls have changed a little so this is easier for Joe to deal with. Girls just have so much drama compared to boys so he is just getting practice in before Chloe has to much and he wouldn't know how to handle it. Now he should be an expert on teen girls....ha ha yeah right. Their attitudes change every 5 seconds. We still have fun cheering them on and can't wait till next year!!!

It is midnight and I can't think of anything else except what creature keeps waking us up everyday around 6:30 and it isn't one of our children...can you guess what it could be?