Monday, April 26, 2010

A robin

This is what is waking us up at 6:30 every morning for over a week now. It hits our bathroom every morning for some reason. One morning I was taking a shower and heard this noise that sounded like fingers runny up and down my window...I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Then I saw wings and thought well maybe it is a bat that was a little confused, but then I saw it was a robin. For what ever reason she is doing this I wish she would stop. Not only does she do this but also anytime the kids and I are outside she is squawking at us and dives every once in a while. We haven't seen her nest and so I know it isn't because we have bothered her babies so if you have any advice on how to get her to quit I would appreciate it. Okay well any advice that doesn't include hanging something infront of the window or killing it.

My classes are almost done so I have 2 more to take and I am done with my associates in science. Right now I have a 3.9 not including my classes from this semester which should be 2 A's but who knows until the end. I was taking World Lit and loved it. The only part I didn't like was having to meet a word count on my essays. I don't like to just write words so I usually would turn my work in with 100 less words, still making a B . And speech. Ugh...I dreaded this class since I was entering college. I am not a public speaker and even in small groups I get redfaced and nervous...I don't know why but always have and suppose I always will. So when I told Joe I wanted to finish my associates I had to face my biggest fear in school. But I did it online which helped me tremedously. You could choose to go in the class on certain dates to do your speeches or film them with 5 adults in a public setting. I choose to have people I know listen to my speeches. Thanks to all of you who listened to those speeches. I know some of you are like that doesn't count but it does and built my self confidence with speaking a tad more.

Here are some cute pictures of the kiddos from yesterday after visiting a church up here. We are trying churches out again since flu season is over. Hopefully we will know which church our family is suppose to be a part of . Chloe went to play during church worship and sermon but Liam wanted to sit with Joe and I . Well he was bored after the singing and ask 1000 times if he could go play with two of his friends. We told him he could next time but this time he was going to stay and listen since that is what he chose at the beginning. We went and ate chinese buffet after church so Liam has some sweet and sour sauce on his shirt but other than that the pictures are cute. Oh and Chloe's snotting nose- allergies.

That was his "model" face

These next few are of Chloe a few mins ago when she fell asleep on me. Her fist are always like that while sleeping which is just like my mom and I. So sweet.