Thursday, May 6, 2010

He is almost 3!!

Liam reminds me multiple times a day that he is almost 3. He lets me know what he would like for his birthday , usually after commercials he lets me know he would like this or that. And the cake has to be a monster/scooby doo cake that is strawberry. I am sure Harp's will have exactly what he is wanting. Anyway he is such a sweet , loving child that I am so blessed to have around me everyday. Sure he ask a LOT of questions ,but he is just learning. Here is a conversation we had the other day:

Liam- "Mom why do we have bones?"

Me- b/c that is the way God made us, if we didn't have bones we would be mushy

Liam- Well if I didn't have a jaw then I would talk like this (while he is clinching his teeth)

Me- that is very true, how do you know this

Liam- I don't know

He is just so curious, but I want to give him the correct answers so thank goodness for the internet.
Right now we are working on his address and name. He can now spell his name. Yes it is a short name but people he is not even 3 . And the address he just couldn't remember the number but could remember the street, city, and state. So our neighbor is a kindergarten teacher whose has 3 older kids and she taught him a song. And he knows it now!!!! In just one day. Today I have had a hard day b/c my Grandy is in the hospital and they weren't sure what was going on with him. He already has tons of medical issues but all of a sudden his eyes went wall eyed- instead of crossed they go opposite directions. So they did an MRI and we learned the results a few hours ago. He had an acute stroke in his brain stem, which from what I have heard and read isn't promising but who knows. We will know more tomorrow, none of us want him to suffer and we know he is going to Heaven , but it is still hard. Anyway Joe was at a school banquet and I was trying to keep it together ,but just could not keep from crying and praying out loud. Liam looked at me and just walked over and hugged and hugged me, wouldn't let go until I said I was okay. It is still bringing tears to my eyes. I told him why I was crying and he said Grandy will be okay b/c the doctors will help him and I told him that he might go to Heaven very soon and he said "well he will be great there mom" So true , so true. Glad I have such a well rounded son. Chloe just wanted to yell at me for not hugging her too. ha ha. On to Chloe now, she is almost 16 months and saying more and more words. While Liam was learning his song she started saying "My name" and "hot" when she touched a chair that the sun had warmed up. One thing she is loving right now is playdough. She could carry that around with her all day long. Oh and if she sees a pair of her shoes laying somewhere she has to put them on or will scream at us ,but wants to go outside as soon as they are on those feet. I love that they both love to be outside all day long. Makes for much better sleep at night. Speaking of sleep I better get some rest. Hope everyone has a great Mother's Day .


Kristi said...

Praying for you and your family. Kids are so sweet, and seem to have the right words and the right time.

Monkey and Me said...

Sorry to hear about your Grandy, I will keep you all in my prayers. Please keep me posted on his health. How do you like the kids swing set, my Dad got Bryn the same one, just the next size bigger. Has it help up well? I haven't got hers up yet.