Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Playing Catch Up

Saturday Liam turned 3 and we had a huge turnout here in Clinton. Last month he wanted scooby doo and monsters , but I ask him one more time if he was sure that is what he wanted and well he wanted Knights. So Joe and I made the invitations...which I don't have a picture of right now. We made him a castle out of 4 cardboard boxes with doors so you could crawl around the whole thing.

Each boy got a sword, mask, and shield

The girls all got swords and princess hats.

Emily and Katy...Em wore her hat all most the entire time!!!

They all got to slay the dragon pinata which took forever to bust. Myself, Joe , and finally my brother all tried but it just wouldn't bust. Matt finally did it. The kids got gold coins and candy from that. And for slaying the dragon they all received a trophy with their name on it.

We had hotdogs and chips and of course cake. It had a picture of a dragon on it, but I forgot to get a picture of just the cake. Oh well.

Next was present time. He got lots of iron man stuff!!!
I can't believe that he is already 3 but he seems so smart and witty for his age. He amazes us everyday with what comes out of his mouth. He will just tell me how good of a mommy I am for no reason. Or give hugs and I love yous out of the blue. I just love him to pieces. Liam is a wonderful brother to Chloe and will do anything she needs or wants him to do.

Today was my 26th birthday! Yesterday Joe had taken Chloe with him to drive around Clinton while Liam and I took a nap, she took an early one, anyway they found the clothing store that sells designer jeans. I have never ever owned a pair b/c they are to expensive and I can not justify that denim should cost $200 or more dollars. Well he told me I had to go and just look b/c the prices were not  bad. I went and bought 2 pairs for $27.50 each and a pair of capris and a maxi dress. I have been wanting one of those dresses since they came out ,but since I am so tall they never come past my ankle and I would look like I had a high water dress on. She had an extra long one in the shop which was the perfect fit and color. I just love it!!! so I thought that was my birthday gifts but I was surprised with a necklace with Chloe and a picture of a little girl on the charm...they didn't have a Liam . And cupcakes from the new bakery in town. Then we just relaxed all day. And everyone took a 2 hour nap...so refreshing. Then as I was fixing potato soup our neighbor came over to bring me a gift. It was a bath set from bath and body works. So of course I used some of it tonight and it smells wonderful. Thanks Parish family!!! Oh back to last night , I went as a sub for a ladies Bunko night. It was so much fun. I met quit a few new ladies.

Last Friday was our 5 year anniversary!!!!! I still can't believe we have been married that long. It seems like it should only be a couple of years. Our neighbors watched our kids while we went an ate mexican . We left them at 5:40 and we back in 45 mins maybe less. It didn't take long to eat when you aren't having to say "eat your food" "sit down please" .... We are celebrating when we go to Florida in a couple of weeks. We are still trying to go even with all the oil spill stuff, but the lady who is renting out her condo to us will give us a full refund if the oil is there before we go. I keep hearing that it is not only bad in general but for asthma patients. Liam has been able to stop his flovent for over a month now so we are trying to keep from having to put him back on it...I know we will in September but a few months without it has been great.

Also Chloe had her first ear infection last week. We have been doing LOTS of swimming everyday even a couple of times a day. Chloe loves her swimmies and actually swims with her butt up and loves to go under...Liam doesn't care to go under but will hold his breath. He swims with a turtle shell that we can take a layer out when he is ready. His swim is more like walking ,but when he concentrates he can get somewhere fast. Back to the ear infection...she was running a fever for 24 hours and at one time it got to over 103 which she has never ever ran a fever over 101 so I was really concerned. The next morning I took her in and sure enough it was a deep ear infection. Antibiotics and 48 hours later no fever and happy as can be. She just has a rash every once in a while so I think that is due to her medicine. The nurse did say that is was not from all the swimming, so I was glad to hear that she could still go play in the water.