Sunday, August 1, 2010

Not much going on

There hasn't been a lot going on here. Lets see...a couple of weeks ago Liam had his first dental appointment. He did great. I had noticed his front teeth were getting stained and wanted to make sure we didn't need to do anything different besides just brushing. It is more than likely from his inhaler he does 2 times a day. He does have a cross-bite that they will continue to watch and within the next few visit will let us know if anything needs to be done to correct it. They were so impressed with how still he was. Never had they seen a 3 year old boy sit still and follow directions like he did. I was one proud momma. Here is a picture of him before we left.

Last week I started working with him on recognizing his letters. He can match colors, shapes, numbers, and letters but doesn't recognize them by themselves...well some but not a lot. So I thought it was a great time to start teaching him. Well he quickly caught on and learned A,B,and C last week. We have noticed for a few months now that most of the time he is "reading" or looking closely at something he closes one eye or rubs them. So I am going to make him an appointment to see if he need glasses or what we need to do.

Here are some cute pictures of the kids when we were trying to keep them cool outside in the blazing heat. They decided mud would be the best cooling down method.
Yep she is picking that nose...Liam is saying"eww stister"

And the rest of the pictures are from today because I needed some newer ones of the kiddos for the grandparents to look at.

My Happy Chloe

Sweet Liam or "Bubby"
This is how still she is. ha ha
Joe was trying to entertain them so I could get some pictures of them together and smiling!!!

Next they did their funny, silly, crazy faces...Chloe has many of them...Liam has one

And the last picture is because Liam wanted to see a picture of him riding on Daddy

I can't believe my kids are this big already. I like to compare what they look like this year vs last year , so here it is

She is taller, darker, and so much more hair!!!

So handsome...he doesn't look like a baby or toddler anymore!