Saturday, August 7, 2010

swallow study # 3

Chloe had her third swallow study on August 5th at Children's. Since May we haven't been thickening her liquids b/c she wasn't gulping, red, watery eyes, or choking. So I thought for sure that she had outgrown having to use any thickner. I was wrong. She did improve and is just on the nectar now which is better but not on thin liquids. They weren't upset with us doing thins since it was summer and less viral things going on but told me to put her back on it for 10 more months. He really feels like she will outgrow it by 2 1/2 or 3 years of age. We will see. The only thing I hate about going into clinics or hospitals is b/c of all the illnesses that are highly contagious. The reason I say this is b/c my kids stay home with me and haven't built up their immune system so everytime we come home from the doctor they end up with something. Liam has had asthma attacks, croup, and RSV. Chloe has had RSV and fever viruses. This visit was no different. We came home yesterday and she slept so good but by noon today she had spiked a temp of 103. I hate that helpless feeling of my kids feeling sick and wish it was me and not them. I am sure Liam will get it by the end of the week but maybe not. I will probably have to take her in by Monday if it isn't any better. I HATE high temperatures that spike that quickly. UGH!!! She has taken 2 naps today and has been acting better but not eating or drinking that much which is concerning if you know my daughter. She eats and drinks anything and everything.