Saturday, September 11, 2010


Changes are going on in our house hold. Chloe is talking up a storm, well as long as she is around the house. Any other time she says "uh" for everything. It drives me crazy because I know they she can say any word. Some of the words she says that are so precious are "wady" for water and "num" for gum. She can say everyones name in the whole extended family which is so cute. I am very thankful for being able to stay at home with my kids. I suppose we could have more money and bigger and better things but I would be missing so many opportunities with them. She is still a huge mess with an even bigger attitude. Usually the only time we have to get onto her is when she is standing up in a chair or stroller. Her response to us saying sit down is "NOOO" in this whinning tone. I put her in time out one day for it and she kept getting up over and over and saying "spank bobo" so I did. Now when she is doing something wrong we spank and this does have a small affect on her attitude. Anyway so we are learning to deal with her personality and how to let it shine in a good way. Now onto Liam. He started AWANA's tonight. He knew his memory verse which was "God loved us and sent his son" it is so sweet to hear him talk about God and Jesus. I think this interaction with other kids will be a wonderful thing for him. When I dropped him off Cubbie the  bear was there waving at the kids. Liam wasn't scared and walk right up to him and high-fived him. As soon as we walked in he gave his 50cents and walk off from me...without saying good bye. I almost cried...silly I know but just to know that he was already comfortable there eased my heart. There are lots of wonderful women there,but we only know 2 of them at this time and one kid. I am very glad he isn't scared to embrace new/unknown territory. When we picked him up he said he had the best time and that his "Aunt Susan" came to check on him. She is our neighbor across the street. He loves their whole family. Always ask about all of them. And has to sit with them at ballgames. Joe's football team is doing really well so far, I hope it keeps going this way. We really enjoy watching him coach and those boys play. I am finishing up my associates degree this semester so I think it is about time to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. haha. Here are some pictures of the kids from the past few weeks.