Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

On Thursday, December 23 we decided since the weather was calling for sleet that we didn't want to chance not making it down to Bryant, so Santa came here early. Liam woke up around 6, but was still sleepy and didn't notice what was in the living room. He went back to sleep with Joe and I and then around 8 ish we got up and went to see what they got.

They loved all their gifts. And Liam only mentioned that he wished he had a castle 2 times. I told him that gifts weren't the reason for Christmas and he said "My attitude just changed." haha. So we packed up and went to Joe's parents house for the night. They opened their gifts and I can't even name them all!! Chloe got baby dolls and a crazy amount of clothes. Liam got lots of "guys" pirates, GI Joe, Nerf Gun, and tons of clothes. They spoiled Joe and I as well. But their big gifts were BICYCLES!!!

We then went to my parents house for Christmas. The kids got guitars and 4-wheelers!!! We all are spoiled from every side of the family.

Next was to Auntie Shan's house and I forgot to take pictures until the end, so I got 7 of the same 5 people. haha.

We spent the night with my parents and santa came there also. The kids got pillow pets. Chloe's reaction was the cutest. She saw it and raised her arms in the air and said "pillow pets" so cute! They have slept with them ever since and I might be jinxing myself but they have been sleeping through the night in their own beds till 8 or so!!!!! That is the best Christmas present that I am hoping last the whole year. We went to my Grandparents to enjoy more present exchanging and a wonderful lunch. No pictures from Christmas. Shame on me! We came home after that and have enjoyed the slow pace of Clinton.