Thursday, January 6, 2011

What Liam does all day,everyday!

When I had a boy I just knew he would want to play any sport since his parents are both very athletic! j/k

I have zero athletic talents, but his daddy does. The only sport I know Joe is not good at is bowling. While Liam plays football, baseball, basketball, and soccer this isn't his favorite thing to do.  Liam loves , loves , loves "battle guys." Any war; Civil War, Gettysburg, Revolutionary War , and so forth. He will play all day long doing something "battle." Joe had a Gettysburg set of soldiers, horses, houses, cannons, and horses. Liam plays in our bedroom floor everyday. When Joe was younger he use to play a game with coins. You would throw the coins and try and hit the bad guys. Well after he should Liam that we have all played that with him. Some are really good at it (Liam and Joe) and some aren't so good (mommy and Chloe). But he likes to cheat some. It really is funny how he cheats. If someone knocks his guy down then they are healed by God immediately. I am glad he is aware that God is the ultimate healer, but I just think it is funny that he found a way around his guys dying. If he isn't playing battle guys then he is looking at Joe's war books or playing war with friends and cousins. While Preston and Landen were here this week that is all they played. I heard a few of their conversations. Liam would say he was a German and Preston would say well we are Americans, but Liam was only wanting to be German at that time. Honestly my 3 1/2 year old knows more about wars or battles than I do. History was my least favorite subject in school , I am more a science and math kind of girl. I don't know what Liam will be when he grows up, but it looks like he could be a General is some type of military group. Well that is what he says when he is playing war.