Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Liam has been able to spell his name since he was 2 and when he turned 3 we started learning his letters for his name. He recognizes them and has been writing his name for a while now I just haven't docummented it yet. We were enjoying the day one afternoon and he wanted to write his name and Chloe's. I wrote hers out and he wrote it below mine. I am so impressed at what all kids can do and pick up on so quickly. It truly amazes me.

And this is not a "good" picture of bug but this is her goofy side that I never get pictures of!!

Last week Chloe started this horrible cough which quickly turned into a runny nose and fever. It only got up to 102,but that was enough for us. Monday was cough, Tuesday was cough and nose, Wednesday afternoon started the fever, so Thursday I took her in and they swabbed her nose and I heard them say positive for flu while they were out talking out in the hall...I felt like a failure as a parent. I never know what to do with immunizations and other precautionary medical matters. Last year I got them a flu shot and Liam ended up having an asthma attack later that day. They said it was not caused from that, but I really didn't want to take my chances. Well the year we chose not to get them a flu shot they ended up with the Flu. Type A. Thankfully the nurse practioner got Chloe on Tamiflu and told us to use her inhaler as often as every 4 hours. By that night her nose was already drying up and her cough was a little better. Friday she had a temp of 99 and was much better and wanting to play instead of just watch tv. By Saturday she was back to normal, but her nose started running again. I really think it is just allergies now. On Sunday Liam started with a cough.....and by Monday at 1 he was running a temp of 100. I made the appointment, took the kids and yep Flu. Tamiflu for him now. Thankfully when Joe lost his job 2 years ago we were able to get AR Kids so the kids copays are only $5 for Tamiflu, which I hear is expensive otherwise. He has been fever free since yesterday at midnight. I am hopeful that Joe and I won't get this but we will see, neither of us received the shot either.