Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Do not read if you have a weak stomach!!

There will be no pictures of this post and you will be thanking me.haha!! Chloe has been potty trained since before she turned 2 ,but still wears a pullup at nap and bedtime. Usually she wakes up dry,but sometimes she doesn't. Well today Liam and I were just watching something on the tv waiting on her to wake up from her nap. I heard her and went it to get her. I opened the door to something so horrible. A stinky cloud of poop smell. I knew that she probably pooped in her pullup, but I was not prepared for what I saw when I turned on the light. Pullup on the floor,dry, a pile of poop in the middle of her bed, she used the pooped as "lotion"(her words) so it was on her legs, hands, hair, and arms. I started gagging and she somehow only had touched her bed once with it so that was a blessing? I don't know if that was really a blessing but after what I had to clean up on her I am saying this is a blessing. ha! I rinsed her off in the sink, which she thought was a blast!! Then she went straight to the tub and only after I started to wash her hair did she start apologizing for the use of poop as lotion. Then I had to tackle the bed,sheets, stuff animals. In the mean time Liam has been running around saying he could smell it all the way in the living room and making noises when you smell something bad. She is clean now and bedding is all ready for me to put it back on the bed. I don't know if I will ever walk into her room with the ignorance I had today. I just thought this only happened to my cousin and her twins, but not my kids!!!! I will never laugh, well not for a long time, at another poop story. I learned my lesson.


Kristi said...

Your so lucky this was your first poop fun experience! We have had about a dozen, which ended with toys and stuffed animals going straight to the trash!