Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Decor!

Chloe was still loving her crib, but she is potty trained and this just seemed to be the next step with her. So on Monday March 21 she got a big girl bed. Auntie Shan had the bed and KayKay had the matress and box springs. We bought the bedding with some birthday money from GG. The Wednesday before I painted her room with some paint I happened upon at Walmart that someone didn't want so it was a gallon for $5!!! That is all I needed. Here it is.

I still need to add an aqua lamp and more pillows to her room, but majority of it is done and she is loving it. Tuesday we went in to get her up and she was up dancing and doing cheers in her bed!!hahaha so silly. Last night she woke up around 1am because she has some drainage and a cough from allergies.
The next change was to our bed. Our bedding was older and worn down so Kaye gave us some she had in an extra bedroom. I LOVE it!! such a nice change.

The living room is the biggest redo. We gave Shannon her couch, ottoman, and chair back for Lucy's new room and so Kaye gave us 2 chairs, couch, side table, cocktail table , and lots of accessories. I am loving this cozy room. We counted how many people could fit comfortably in our kitchen , living and dinning room and it was 20!!! That is crazy! Liam is so funny and the words out of his mouth when I ask him if he likes it and he will say "this is KayKay's house."

The dinning room was next so she gave us her dinning room table with 6 chairs and a mirror for this room. A few extra pictures were on the wall , but Joe liked it a little more without.

And lastly the kitchen . The only thing that changed in here was adding some decor to the wall and 2 barstools. The kids LOVE them.

I can't believe my house is this beautiful. Thank you Kaye, Shannon, James, Lucy , and Claire for all your hardwork and stuff!!! We love you all!!