Sunday, March 27, 2011

Silver Dollar City

Last weekend we headed to Branson with the kiddos and cousin Claire. We stopped at Coursey's to enjoy a little snack of the best meat and cheese.

When we got to Branson we went to our hotel to check in and then go eat dinner. Red Lobster. The wait was about 30-45 mins so the kids were entertained by the live lobsters. Liam and Claire touched the tail, but Chloe was not having it. haha! Shopping was next on the list of things to do and ice cream. Sunday we woke up and headed to Silver Dollar City. Joe had never been and I haven't been there in many many years. The first thing on the agenda was to get the kids wristbands. If they are lost then our cell number is on it, their height so the people running the rides don't have to measure them everytime. Chloe was 35 6/8inches, this turned out to be a sad sad thing. Liam and Claire wanted to ride a small rollercoaster ,but Chloe didn't which was fine. So Liam's first ride ever was a rollercoaster and he LOVED it!!! Smiling the whole time ready to go to all the other rides.

Next ride was the teacups. Chloe was so excited she could hardly stand it. Well the man looked at her wristband and said sorry she has to be 36 inches. She cried and cried and kept saying "ride teacups , my teacups." behind my sunglasses I was tearing up. It broke my heart to see her so upset about the rides. Anyway we cut the wristband off and just waited in lines to see if they would measure her at 36 inches and all of them did. Her first ride was the elephant ride.

Claire rode the big pirate ship with Joe and clung to him. It was cute and funny.

We went to the little kid section next and they could all ride those rides as well and loved every minute of it.

We had a light lunch and plenty of bathroom breaks. We all rode one ride together (I can't remember the name) Chloe and Liam were a little scared during it because it is dark. Next Claire was brave enough to ride Thunderation, which is a big rollercoaster. She closed her eyes and was clinging to the bar. I loved being there with her for her first big rollercoaster. I was one proud Aunt Linsey. She rode it again with Uncle Joe. While they were riding some water one with Liam , Chloe and I enjoyed some pink cotton candy and a pickle. We shared with them of course. Then we all had a funnel cake!!! So good. I can't wait for all the other times we go and make special memories and enjoy wonderful food.