Sunday, May 1, 2011

Names and Horses

Liam has been writing his name for a while and I don't remember if I have documented it on the blog. Here is what he wrote one day a month ago. A few days ago he wrote "thank you" on a thank you card and then the next day "mom "and "dad" . I am so happy with the progress he has made and thankful that I got to be the one to teach him something he will use for the rest of his life.

This is my nephew Landen's. We had the pleasure of keeping him a few days  a month ago and my mom ask that I work with him on writing his name. One day we were at the park and I got him to spell his name within 10 mins just with a song! I was one proud aunt and he was so happy!! He will still sing it or yell it when I get to talk with him on the phone. The next day we worked on the letter A and he would write it upside down like a V. so since the song helped so much and quickly we gave it a try with writing an A. Up the mountain, down the mountain, across the mountain. It might sound crazy but it totally worked and he wouldn't stop writing A's!!!! He was so proud and I was impressed how quickly he caught on. So since he already knew how to write an L , I decided if he wanted to continue to try N. Up the rollar coaster, down and back up...he got that one as well. So hopefully he will be working on it and will be able to write his name soon.

While he was here we went to the lake 3 times and they played in the water. It was freezing but they are crazy and didn't care! They had a blast and wore themselves out. Speaking of wearing themselves out here are some sweet pictures of my sweeties after a long day of riding their cousins horse and watching our last softball game of the season in Cave City.

Isnt' this funny? She feel asleep with her glasses on and upside down!!haha ohhh and he belly hanging out of her shirt. she was not a happy camper after we got home.

She was pantless because the sand they were playing in was really wet in one spot and totally soaked her jeans.haha. I thought it was to cute.