Wednesday, June 8, 2011

six year anniversary and Liam's 4th birthday

 Liam had Landen spending the night with him already so on Thursday, June 2nd we invited his best friend Brodie over to play and enjoy the day with us. They all had a great time, but Liam still had more birthday festivities coming up. On Friday we headed down to Bryant so my parents could watch the kids while Joe and I had a date for our 6th anniversary! I can't believe it has been that long. We went to Shoguns and shopping for Liam's presents. Then we enjoyed a night at the Crown Plaza in Little Rock. Joe had it as a surprise, but he knows me well enough that if I didn't get to say goodbye and goodnight to the kids I would had been a nervous wreck. It was nice to get a goodnights sleep, but my one request for hotels would be to put all the couples up on the top floors and kids below them. They were running up and down the hall all night and early in the morning slamming doors. So annoying! There were earplugs in our little complimentary bag, but I didn't need to use them.haha. Saturday we enjoyed the lake with my moms side of the family. My grandparents rented two houses on Lake Quacita so we stayed most of the day and Liam had a family party. My family really went all out on all the special things he loves. Sunday we went to Sin-Sin in Benton so he could meet the chef. Joe's parents took us there and he loved it. He loves Chinese food just like his daddy! We really enjoyed seeing everyone. After that we went to see BeBe(joe's grandmother) she is in a nursing home rehab because she had surgery on her hip after she fell about a month ago. While we were there an elderly lady just was going on and on to Liam about him coming to see her and hugging him. He didn't mind it one bit. Such a tender hearted boy. I really hope he stays this way forever. Those little ladies love him!!! Happy 4th Birthday Liam!!!!!!!!!