Sunday, July 31, 2011


I haven't done a post in almost 2 months and there have been great things happening here in Clinton for our family. But first we have throughly enjoyed our summer and season passes to Silver Dollar City. The kids have met Dora and Diego and Shaggy and Scooby Doo.

  These pictures are from today. I needed some updated pictures of the kids side by side, so I can remember. I use to hear moms say(before I was one) they couldn't remember this or that of when their child did some milestone. I always thought "wow, how can you not remember something so important." Well now that I have been a mom for 4 years, I totally understand. I can't remember half of what I thought I would be able to. Last week we had a few things come up that we are excited about sharing. I haven't worked since we left Bryant 2 years ago, but someone needed a sitter while they went to college two days a week. So I am going to be watching a nine month old on Tuesday and Thursdays. Then we decided to let Liam go to Preschool! Our neighbor is the director and Kindergarten teacher there so we ask a few questions and they still had a space open. He will start after Labor day and go Monday-Thursday 8 to 11:45. I think he will do great there and this will give Chloe and I some time just us two On Monday and Wednesday for a few hours. So that is our exciting news. Joe is about to start back up all day with football and we have really gotten spoiled to having him around a lot this summer. Liam got good news at the eye doctor a couple of weeks ago. His eyes are getting better so we are to continue the eye patch until October, then reevaluate. I will do a post soon on what all Liam knows before school starts and see how he grows and learns while in preschool. He is really excited about learning but also making more friends! Chloe is just being a girly girl with wearing dresses, play high heels and jewlery. But she can hang with her brother and dad in the rough department. Everything is going great right now with Woody. No accidents or chewing on any furniture so this is wonderful to me! haha it is the small things, right?