Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Liam at 4 years old

  • How to spell his name, LiAM-this is how he writes it
  • Can count to 20
  • Knows all his shapes
  • Knows all his colors (his favorite color is orange)
  • Loves to use sissors
  • LOVES to do workbook pages (dollar tree has the best ones)
  • Can recongized 12 of the alphabet, A,B,C,E,F,I, K,L,M,O,S,X
  • Gets himself dressed everyday (working on picking out clothes that match)
  • Very creative , He rights his letter for the day in a notebook and then draws a picture of something that starts with that letter. Then Joe or I will write the story and song he makes up about whatever it is he drew.
  • Can write any letter as long as you show him
  • Can recognize 1,2,3 (I haven't spent much time with numbers yet, so this is probably lacking b/c of me)
  • Loves all things war, battle, guns, bows and arrows, blow guns, superheros
  • Can swim all over the pool without help
  • Does a great cannon ball
  • Handstands in the pool
  • Treads water really well and floats on his back forever!
  • Shark week is on this week and he is loving every second he gets to watch
  • We go to the library every week and he still loves doing this. We have done this since he was 6 months old.
  • Momma's boy
  • Tells us he loves us and needs hugs all day long (that one is making me tear up b/c I won't get those for 4 hours during the day, not sure how I will handle this.)
  • Favorite food is Chicken nuggets and ranch dressing
  • Favorite drink is still strawberry milk. Every morning and every night. He would drink it all day long but milk is too expensive, I would need a cow to keep up with as much milk as he wants.
  • Will help Chloe with whatever she needs (unless she is messing with his battle then he gets angry with her and we see a side of him that is awful)
  • Doesn't require to much displine , spankings don't work so timeout it is.
  • Still will not sleep in his bed all night, we can't figure it out. He has to many nightmares.
  • LOVES, Loves when the laundry is still hot from the dryer. I just sit it on top of him!
  • Still uses an inhaler, but during the summer we haven't had to use it everyday since he is inside so much.
  • Hates to wear his eye patch and will turn into a different kid while wearing it. This week has been much better , but he Hates it so much.
  • 43 pounds
  • 43 1/2 inches
  • size 5T clothes
  • size 11 or 12 shoe depending on the brand (we were going through shoes every six months because his foot would grow so fast, finally it has slowed down. I think this is the longest he has worn a pair of shoes.)
  • One of his favorite things to do is go to workouts with his dad. He will workout with all the football players, well he throws a medicine ball around and does some drills, but LOVES this.
  • Will tell you he wants to play football and tackle the players.
  • When he plays playdough he always plays like he is a chef. He will cook you pig and fish...everytime. One of his other favorite shows is Iron Chef.
  • One of his famous sayings is "that's what I'm talking about!"
I am sure more will come to me later, but right now that is all I can think of. Liam is the most kind little boy I have ever met. Seriously he is. Also has this wit about him that stuns me sometimes. I know he is going to love preschool , but I will miss those 16 hours a week he isn't with me. This is getting us all ready for when he goes to Kindergarten next year. Time sure does fly!