Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chloe Bug

  • Chloe is 2 1/2 years old
  • 32 pounds
  • 37 1/2 inches tall
  • Loves to play dress up in dresses or as a superhero
  • Is a wonderful sleeper!!!!
  • Has an attitude of a 13 year old
  • Will kiss and hug you all day long as long as it is her idea
  • Very strong willed
  • Loves her brother(tries to give him kisses but he will run away)
  • Likes Woody(our dog), but if she doesn't want him to touch her she will scream and say him licking her hurts! Drama, Drama!
  • She will play grocery store all day long while wearing high heels
  • Loves almost any show or movie, but Dora or Little Einstiens is her favorite
  • Outdoor girl, sandbox or swinging

  • Loves to play playdough and painting
  • knows her ABC's
  • Can count to 10
  • Does not like to be away from her mommy
  • loves to shop
  • makes lots of faces, some funny , some serious, and some mean

  • She has something unique...a geographic tongue. When she was a baby the doctors and nurses kept saying she had thrush and now that I know she has geographic tongue, I know for sure she didn't have thrush.
  • Has eczema, but hasn't had as many breakouts since we started using an over the counter cream.
  • Knows the letter S
  • Draws all the time in a notebook
  • will "text" on one of her 3 cellphones

Chloe is such a hard headed but sweet little girl. I am so glad I get the chance to stay home with her and watch her turn into a beautiful young lady.


Kristi said...

OMG! Where did your chunky baby girl go? She is a gorgeous big girl now! I have got to see yal soon. Oh and I have 2 of those hard headed strong willed girls, it makes parenting challenging for sure!