Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween and Spankings

Okay first of all Happy Halloween to you all. Liam didn't really want to wear his costume this morning so I was very very surprised that he did so well in it. Thank goodness it wasn't so stinkin hot so he got to wear the entire fleece outfit. First we went to Joe's parents house Maw Maw and Paw Paw James'. Auntie Shan, Lucy, Claire, and one of Lucy's friends were there already. I only got a picture of Claire but Lucy and her friend were nerds. Ha it was so cute. So not only did Liam receive loads of candy from them but also MawMaw and Paw Paw got him his first picture dictionary. He loves it. Points at all the things. Thanks MawMaw and Paw Paw. Then Auntie Shan, Claire, and Lucy got him a new diaper bag. It is a pirate one, he loves pirates right now and a bathtub set. It has crayons and boards for you to color with and on. So neat. Then we headed to Aunt NiNi's house for a couple of mins. I didn't get a picture there but their daughter Destiny was Wonder Woman. She had fake eyelashes on and she was adorable. Their boys Nathan and Micah are to old to dress up I guess. Then we headed back home because his cousin Julian aka JuJu , Uncle Matt, Aunt Vittoria, MeMe and Paw Paw Tim(my parents) were over there ready to go Trick or Treating. We took the wagon and went pretty far around the neighborhoods. Julian is a devil and Liam is a dragon.Lots of Good candy, not any of the orange and black ones, which I love, I know most of you are like ugh.... but I have always loved those things. Not sure what they are called. Anyway he did so well and had 3 suckers during this time. Okay now on the the Spankings. If you don't agree with spanking your children then don't read this. So Liam will not do time out as of this week, well he really hasn't ever done it. I decided now is the time before things get out of control that we need to discipline him some what. Yes I know he is just 16 months old but he knows what he is doing when it is wrong or when we have told him not to do it again. I did a women's group on this book called "Shepherding a Child's Heart" I highly recommend reading it if you have children. Anyway so a couple of days ago I told him not to throw this train set because he could get hurt. Well he did it and I told him the next time he did it he would get a spanking (swat on the bottom) . He proceeded to do it so he got a spanking. Did it again and what do you know he spanked himself. I did laugh where he could not see me ,but to know that your child DOES get why he is in trouble verifies that it was time to do this. So then we went outside and Charlie (neighbors cat) was out in their yard so I told him not to go over there or he would get a spanking. So much to my surprise he spanks himself and then walks over there. That time I laughed out loud and in front of him so he noticed that and came back over to me spanking himself. He has done it a few times today when I didn't even say anything to him. Hopefully he will get out of the habit of punishing himself but for the couple of days he has done it well lets just say it cracks his mommy up. Oh speaking of he calls me MY Mommie and Beth (Emily's Mommy) Em's Mommie. So he is using pronouns at such a young age. To cute I love this little guy and am going to miss the Liam and Mommy time but Chloe is going to fit right in I am sure of it. I am hoping to get to work on her room this weekend but who knows not in a rush yet. OHHHH Joe's team just won their game against Bauxite by 1 point. 41-40 WAHOOOOO!!!!!! one more game but they are officially in the playoffs. So I think the way it goes they are 3rd and have to play the first place team. At least they made it to the playoffs. Way to Go EAGLES!!!! Okay this is such a long post and I am ready for some sleep. Happy Halloween!


Angie Russell said...

Hey Linsey! I enjoyed reading some of your blog. I especially loved the part about Liam spanking himself. Ellie did that at that age, too. It would crack me up and she knew it. Liam makes a very cute dragon.