Monday, October 27, 2008

Throwing Fits!!!

Liam has started throwing fits this week , which could be from the fact that he hasn't been sleeping very well for a few days now or it could be that he is strong willed. I just happen to have the camera in our room today where he proceeded to throw a fit because he wanted a pencil and he had turned off the computer screen 4 times. I told him to stop and this is where he landed while throwing the fit. In the floor with his feet kicking the closet door. No he didn't do it for long because he had to say "Cheese" for the camera. Doesn't he look like a little man?! I could eat him up!!!! We went shopping at Old Navy today and they had their long sleeve t-shirts on sale for $4.00 instead of 10.50 so I was loving me a sale. Joe approved of all the sayings on them. Oh and for the record he is officially in a 3T for most of his clothing. He is only 16 Months old. What? I hope Chloe isn't this big but oh well. Joe's team plays Bauxite this Friday and they are going to kick some booty. He was telling me their game plan and oh yeah Miners you better be ready. Go Arkansas Baptist! Record this year is 5-3 so this game is for a playoff spot for either team so you better believe it will be a great game. Sorry to say Liam and I won't be there because he is going Trick or Treating with his cousins'. GO EAGLES!!!

Oh and this is how Liam fell asleep for his nap today. He and Emily were having a movie hour and so they had a blanket, two pillows, their blankets, and Pacifiers to watch 101 Dalmations. He lasted all of 10 mins and Emily probably would have watched the whole thing but it was nap time.