Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's been a while

Sorry it's been so long, but we have a virus on our computer so it takes forever for things to load and before I have anyone work on it I was copying all of our pictures to disk. So lets see since the last post my son got croup. The night of Halloween he woke up around 12:30 am coughing and of course Joe and I knew exactly what it was. There is no mistaking a seal bark cough. He had it this time last year. So Saturday we took him in and they gave him steroids. They do make him a little more aggressive and hyper. So after one dose his stridor was gone but we still had to give it to him for 2 more days. Now he is great and hopefully will stay that way. This year is also his first year to get the flu shot so he has to have two shots. We go back next week for his second one. He is trying to cut 3 k-9 teeth right now so I think his balance is a little off from the pressure of cutting teeth. Some kids have problems with this while cutting teeth or he just may have my clumsiness. Yesterday Emily was chasing him and he ran right into a door frame, then he started chasing her and she stopped and he didn't so he hit the back of her head which caused her to hit the coffee table with her lip. So ice pack on her lip and cold rag on his head and they were all better. No more chase in the house. Then last night he was playing on our bed like he always does and went to step down onto the ottoman and somehow fell onto a toy that was in our floor which left him with another bruise on his forehead. Poor guy has 3 bruises on it. He is saying so many more words each day and climbing on everything. The other day I wasn't sure what he was up to but I knew it was quiet , He was on our computer and turned on the clock radio. This is so what his mommy does. It was so cute. Loves his harmonica, we got it for him at Crackerbarrel the other night and he will put on a show for anyone and everyone. Liam is really big into watching movies. His favorites right now are Carebears,Kermit the Frog, Big Birds movie from like 1980's, and pretty much whatever we get at the library that week. Oh and I saw that my cousin's son is into this one as well, looking at any toy catalog, He could do this forever. One thing he is doing since he had croup and if you haven't ever experienced your child not being able to breath, good deep breaths then you might be rolling your eyes at this but he has started getting into bed with us at around 2 or 4 every morning. I had him in there with us for a couple of nights so I could listen to him breathing and now well we are stuck with him. I love it but hate that it is a habit we will have to break soon. Chloe's room is painted and furniture is all in. Now all I have to do is hang things on her walls and hang the drapes. It can wait a little longer though I am not in a rush with that yet. Chloe seems to be growing everyday which changes the shape of my belly often. One day she is low and so I look smaller and then I wake up the next and she is high so I look pretty big. We now go to the dr. every other week and last week we went her heartrate was 158 and I had gained 6 pounds. So far I have gained 20 and with Liam I gained 35 altogether. So I just might make it to 40 pounds this time. It is not letting me load my pictures right now which may be due to the virus I am not sure but I will get them up as soon as it will let me.