Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fun and Colorful Christmas Tree

*Updated with Pictures of Liam in front of the tree and Chloe's unfinished room*

This year Joe and I decided to do a fun colorful tree instead of the copper, green, and turquoise. No ribbon at all. We found a box of 4 different colored ball ornaments this year from Target, this is what started it all. They had Orange-Joe's , Blue- Me, Green- Liam ,and Red- Chloe. I then went to Garden Ridge last week because they are having a 50% off all Christmas stuff. Such a great idea. Well I bought some glittery star bunches to come out of the tree. It is so fun this year, no headache from me having to really being meticulous with every ornament. We had on a Christmas Story- Mine and my brother's all time favorite. Liam loved the part where the Randy eats like a pig. Then we started to watch Elf but we were done decorating already and he needed a bath. So it was a great family time together and Joe is off this week and we are heading to Branson for a night on Friday. Aghhh... the day after Thanksgiving but we probably won't be there until all the crazy ladies are going home to take a nap. So all of our Christmas shopping will probably be done in one day, but as soon as we get home I can have stuff to wrap and then not worry about anything except when Chloe will make her debut and how Liam is going to do with all the excitement. And I have the pictures loaded but blogger isn't letting me load them now for some reason.


The Huffman's said...

That's crazy-we watched A Christmas Story while we decorated our tree too!