Monday, January 5, 2009

19 months old!!!

Liam is 19 months old today. We fall more in love with him everyday. He is so funny and loving, but has his tantrums now. He surprises us all the time with something new he has learned or picked up on. Right now he is into cars. They have to be lined up while he plays with them and playdough is an everyday activity at least once maybe twice if we get it all out again. Monkey Man is into trying to figure out anything and everything. Joe went to get him out of his bed after naptime Saturday and discovered his sound machine/projector was in bed with him but unplugged. So we figured he must had been working on it before he called out to us. He is back to sleeping in his bed most of the time. Last night was the first time in a few days that he got in with us. He just woke up at 3 and was saying "Hey Guys" but laid in our bed until about 4 and finally went back to sleep. I was having so many contractions I was having to watch the clock until I could take my next pill. Speaking of pills, I go back to the dr tomorrow and hopefully she will say Chloe is still hanging in there just fine, but I really believe as soon as I am off this medicine that she will be here shortly after. So please pray that if she comes early that (1. Joe will be there in plenty of time.
(2. Her lungs and anything else that needs more time to finish up will have done so
(3. Liam will be okay with whomever has him at the time of her arrival
I keep thinking I am going to do this without an epidural this time, but only if she is coming fast. It isn't a big deal either way but I would like to have that experience for some reason. Call me crazy, we will see what happens. Thanks for all the prayers for us already. I will update tomorrow after my appointment.