Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Update on Chloe

Oops I forgot to update this yesterday after my appointment. Well I am now off the Brethine and everything was looking good. I was still at 2cm and 50% ,but her head is even lower. Amazing!!!! I had contractions 4 mins apart last night for almost 2 hours but again a warm bath, drinking lots and lots of water and some pickle juice (just because I love pickle juice) and they slowed down to ever 7 mins but lasted 2 mins so it was basically that I was having them every 5 . They eventually slowed way down so we knew it was not time for her. Yeah!! Another week would be great just so she makes it to "full term" And you never know I might have to be induced which that date is set for Tuesday Jan. 27th. I can't believe it is that close. So Liam has been coughing on and off for like 2 going on 3 weeks and then Saturday it was so nice he was outside all day with his cousins. Runny nose added to the cough hasn't made for a pleasant Liam. So we took him into the dr yesterday and she said probably cold turning into sinus infection so now he is on antibiotics for a little while. I was grateful since Chloe could come anytime and I want him to be able to hug and kiss her without her getting sick so soon. Still to this day monkey man has not ever had an ear infection. Praise God!!!! I pray that she won't either I just know from all the kids I watched or am kin to that they are horrible. So for now Chloe is staying put and we are enjoying the wait and see game. I have one more shower on Saturday so lets hope I get to enjoy all the food, punch, and people there. Thanks Niki and Aunt Renita for throwing me one.