Friday, January 9, 2009

Silence, to good to be true!!

I am hoping Joe can get these pictures posted before he leaves school since I still can't do it from our computer. Liam decided to go play in his room by himself which rarely happens. So Emily and I did some playdough time just me and her, well after 5 or so mins I started thinking to myself hmmm... He is really being quiet that is not a normal thing anymore. So I quietly walked back to his room to see what he was up to.... putting Vaseline in his HAIR, NOSE,BLANKETS, EYEBROWS, I could not help but just start laughing so then he "fixed" his hair and these are the pictures I took after I cleaned up his face. And it is naptime and his hair is still crazy and greasy. I will just wait till Joe comes home and can bathe him. On the plus side he smells like a little baby. Anyway here are some other pictures from Chris's wedding that Joe was in a couple of weekends ago. Liam had to wear his new raincoat that Auntie Shan got him for Christmas. He watched the guys decorate the car.
And a couple of other pictures from him at the Benton Library playing on their computer. He loved it.
Chloe is still hanging in there but I had contractions yesterday from 6am to 12am this morning every 5 mins. Talk about a long day. Actually having to watch the clock just to make sure they weren't getting any closer. Then about 9pm that got to the point of me needing to actually squeeze Joe's hand. He said he thought I was going to break it. Yeah right!!! But today they are somewhat harder than yesterday but not intense like last night. Can't wait to see her glad she is waiting longer than we thought.