Saturday, September 26, 2009

Our little pirates and pumpkins

Today we went to a little place here in Clinton that had mums and pumpkins. We let Liam pick out a pumpkin that was already decorated. This is what he chose.

Next we went to a block party a church was throwing. They had those blow up bouncing house and slide but Liam tried and wouldn't do either. I am not sure why he is scared to do them but he is. Oh well he had fun doing other things:
Throwing darts at balloons, throwing a football through a hole, beanbag toss, kicking a soccerball, fishing, catching a rubber duck, face painting- this is the picture I took after his nap, It said "go jackets" for the yellowjackets

Finally he got a snowcone and popcorn so we had a great morning. Chloe just loves to be outside so she did great even though she didn't get a chance to play any games. Liam and I went to walmart while Chloe took her nap and got another pumpkin and some pumpkin face things. They are like mr. potatoe head pieces. So we did two faces on one pumpkin.

While we were at walmart Liam spotted pirates shirts. They had one for boys and one for girls. So for $5 a piece I got them some halloween shirts. They come with bandanas also. I love a cute and great deal.