Saturday, October 3, 2009


Today we had a day trip to Branson. The weather was to nice not to go. We told Liam where we were going and that he could bring some of his money to ride all the little rides at the mall. So Joe helped him get all his quarters together and a $20 bill for the disney store. I think he ended up riding 6 rides, but they couldn't be carousals or horses. Not sure why but he knew which ones he wanted to ride so we let him. Then we got to the disney store and we were in there for over 30 mins . Chloe decided quickly what she wanted a cat stuff animal, Liam finally decided on a rocket ship from Little Einstein's. It is so cute so he ended up spending all of his money. I got some cute running shoes for $15. I started running again after a 10 year hiatus. I can run 1/2 a mile in 4 mins and a few seconds so I guess that is pretty good for that long of a break. After the first couple days my legs were getting stiff so I had to take a break and let them rest. I am looking for a double jogging stroller for a good price so if you know of someone selling one let me know please or if you see one let me know. I would love to run with the kids during the day but I tried with our double stroller and it is just so heavy I couldn't run but a couple of mins. Anyway Chloe got a few more clothes-that she needed, from carters. I just love their clothes and the prices at 70% off make them even better. Joe got a few shirts from Nautica but no tennis shoes or wallet which is what he was looking for. Oh well we will just have to go up there again soon!