Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Potty Training

For the past few days Chloe has had a weird diaper rash. She says it doesn't hurt and she never complains, but bumps on her bottom just can't be comfortable. So I decided to let her air out yesterday until nap time. She did go pee pee in the floor quite a few times so at nap I put her diaper back on and that was that. Today however she still had it and I ask her if she wanted a diaper, she did, so after a few mins after eating breakfast she said "pee pee, no diaper" So I took her diaper off which was still dry and she walked into the bathroom and peed!! I thought okay this is just a fluke but we will go with it. If I ask her to go she says no she doesn't need to ,but if it is her idea well then she will go without problems. She has had 2 accidents today so far and one was a tiny dribble and she immediately went to the potty and finished and the 2nd was a big puddle(she was watching max and ruby). I needed to run to the post office(we really need drive through post offices)to mail my school books off and to the gas station for some gas. I ask her to go before we left...nope so I figured she would have an accident while standing in line at the post office, but much to my surprise she didn't so I went ahead and got gas and went home. When we got home she said "potty now"(NOW is her new favorite word by the way). I took her and said she got a prize this time since she waited until we got home and told mommy. A baby candy cane was the perfect treat for her, Liam( b.c he is being very patient with this process), and mommy for not putting a diaper on the diva. ha ha! They played outside and she came in and went straight to the potty and nothing,but she tried on her own before nap time. We shall see how well she does after nap and when daddy gets home.
*Updated: She was dry after nap and went pee pee for all of us!!! Then 3 hours later went again. She really is doing great. Joe baths the kids at bath time and she did a little poop,but he put her on the potty and she finished so now we know she knows what to do with that as well. Liam would gag when he was potty training ,but she doesn't care. One funny thing she is doing is ready or looking at magazines. Whatever she needs is fine with me...and the rash is still there so I am very puzzled as to what caused it. I am taking her in on Friday if it hasn't cleared up any. Any suggestions are appreciated!!